What is CIRTL?

The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) is a network of 38 universities in the USA and Canada founded in 2003 working towards the goal of advancing undergraduate education through the professional development of future faculty. IUPUI and Indiana University, Bloomington became members in 2016. The foundations for all CIRTL programming are the three core ideas of Teaching-as-Research (TAR), Learning Communities (LC), and Learning-through-Diversity (LD).



CIRTL at IUPUI is jointly led by the IUPUI Graduate Office  and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Launched in Fall 2016, the CIRTL at IUPUI learning community consists of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in STEM and other disciplines. They engage in the discussion and development of reflective and evidence-based teaching approaches using strategies that leverage student and instructor diversity and shared learning experiences. Participants in this program can earn recognition for achieving the CIRTL Program Outcomes of Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar by completing requirements consisting of various local and cross-network programming. By enrolling in this Canvas course and completing the requirements, participants can earn completion certificates for each outcome-level. Students can use these digital certificates on their CVs and in online career networking tools to showcase their CIRTL accomplishments to prospective employers.

Benefits to IUPUI

  • Support IUPUI Strategic Plan
  • Increase recruitment
  • Promote graduate and undergraduate student success
  • Foster innovation in teaching and learning
  • Creating broader impacts on grant activities

Benefits to Future Faculty

  • Receive mentoring and training to become effective teachers
  • Gain competitive advantage in academic career searches
  • Have increased success as junior faculty members
  • Earn and showcase Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar completion certificates
  • Develop leadership and networking skills


An IUPUI Alumna's CIRTL Experience