CIRTL Programming

CIRTL at IUPUI programming includes a wide array of local IUPUI programming and CIRTL's cross-network online programming. Participants can complete a combination of required activities and assessments to achieve the CIRTL Program Outcomes and earn digital badges to showcase their accomplishments in the program.

CIRTL at IUPUI Programming


The IUPUI TA Orientation is designed to prepare first-timeTAs to teach effectively in various teaching contexts at IUPUI. Experienced TAs are welcome to attend the event to refresh their knowledge of foundational teaching principles and University policies and procedures. For many graduate students, the Orientation may be their first professional development activity as a new teacher. This activity will count towards earning a CIRTL Associate badge.

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CIRTL participants are welcome to join one or both of the CIRTL at IUPUI learning communities: Culturally Responsive Teaching Learning Community and the MOOC-Centered Learning Community. Learning communities will be offered in fall and spring semesters. Click to join the learning communities or to start your own CIRTL learning community at IUPUI. Successful participation in these learning communities will count towards earning a CIRTL Associate and Practitioner badges. 

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Teaching‐As‐Research (TAR) involves the deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of students and teachers. IUPUI TAR program serves as a capstone activity for graduate students and future faculties who are interested in reaching the practitioner and scholar levels of the CIRTL learning outcomes.

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CIRTL at IUPUI participants can take advantage of several workshops and webinars for graduate students and postdocs on various topics of teaching and learning. Many of these workshops and webinar count towards the CIRTL Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar badges. Webinars and workshops will be offered in the fall and spring semesters and registration information  is available on the CIRTL Events page and the CTL Events Listing Page. 

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CIRTL Cross-Network Programming 

A CIRTL network account is required to access the cross-network programs described below


CIRTL consists of 43 universities from around the nation. You can explore each one to see what they are currently doing, what courses or workshops they are providing, and what resources they are offering. Join a diverse group of students from across the CIRTL Network, and you can discover like-minded individuals in your field from the nationwide network.

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Join a community of future and current faculty in discussion and ongoing professional development focused on issues of teaching and learning STEM disciplines. You could ask questions, share experiences, post links, form collaborations, organize a live web meeting and hear about upcoming events. You will discover like-minded individuals in your field.

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Do you want to improve your teaching skills or prepare for a future faculty position in science, engineering, or math field? CIRTL online course provides cross-network course sessions from all the member universities, and you could register for an interactive, synchronous, online learning experience with graduate students and post-docs from CIRTL Network across the nation.

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Want to join a group focusing on journal articles related to STEM teaching and learning? Or want to know how to help international TAs acclimate to US higher education? Find upcoming Cross Network or local events that may interest you! You can also start here to create your own local event or propose your series to being your very own Cross Network event!

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CIRTL Resources page is designed to help you get resources and materials related to STEM researching, teaching and learning. This page lists all of the public resources in CNC. You can filter and sort resources using the actions on the left or click on a resource to download it or see more information. As also, you can upload your own resources and share with other CIRTL members.

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Teaching in the US is a monthly event series from the Univ. of Maryland, College Park, designed to bring international STEM students and postdocs together to learn about higher education in the United States. The series will cover practical topics, like grading and how to communicate with students, and discuss around the unique insights that international TAs bring to STEM classrooms.

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