Learning Communities

Learning communities, one of CIRTL's core ideas, bring people together for shared learning, discovery, and the generation of knowledge. Learning community members take responsibility for achieving these shared learning goals. CIRTL at IUPUI learning communities are open to all graduate students, postdocs, and faculty. If you are a faculty member, graduate student, or postdoc who is interested in facilitating a learning community for any of the local or cross-network CIRTL programming, please contact the CIRTL Team at IUPUI for more information. Please note that local learning communities included in annual CIRTL reports need to be approved  by the CIRTL Team at IUPUI .

Learning Communities at IUPUI

Culturally Responsive Teaching Learning Community

The Culturally Responsive Teaching Learning Community (CRTLC) is an opportunity for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars to reflect critically and engage issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. We will challenge our thinking, cultivate our curricular and pedagogical practices, share research and resources, and support our collective and respective journeys as educators for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society. We will foster a space that empowers both its members and ultimately, the students we serve. 

Registration is now open for the Spring 2019 learning community. 

Or copy and paste  this link into your browser http://go.iu.edu/29lo

For more information, see the Fall 2018 syllabus and schedule below. The Spring 2019 syllabus and schedule will be posted in the coming weeks.

Questions? Contact Anne Borden (ude[dot]ui[at]nedrobna), CIRTL Graduate Teaching Assistant or Dr. Jessica Alexander (ude[dot]ui[at]ssejxela), Instructional Design Consultant; or the CIRTL Team and IUPUI. 

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