Program Outcomes

"A CIRTL participant would see teaching as a dynamic and ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. They would not take a more static view of 'this is how good teaching is done.' Indeed, there would be little difference in the way the CIRTL participant talks about teaching and learning compared to the way s/he talks about disciplinary research." - CIRTL Network
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Self enroll in Canvas Course

The CIRTL at IUPUI program is open to all IUPUI graduate students and postdocs through a free, self-paced, self-enrolling Canvas course.

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Complete Requirements

Participants are expected to complete the CIRTL requirements through a series of activities. See below to get more details about the requirements.

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Earn your Badge

Earn your offical CIRTL at IUPUI badges. Add your course record to your CV, resume or LinkedInto show off your skills.