Associate level Program Requirements

The goal of completing an Associates level badge is to introduce you to theories of pedagogy that support effective teaching and learning in higher education.  

A CIRTL@IUPUI Associate can: 

  1. Identify relevant literature on teaching and learning research (in general and discipline-specific).
  2. Construct well-defined, achievable, measurable, and student-centered learning objectives
  3. Describe differet types of evidence-based teaching methods and learning activities
  4. Describe types of assessment techniques and recognize how they align with particular types of learning objectives
  5. Describe the value and impact of learning communities on student learning. 
  6. Discuss how your beliefs and biases as an instructor influence student learning.
  7. Discuss techniques for creating an inclusive classroom and how you can use diversity in the development of your teaching plans. 

To earn an Associates level badge, you must:

  1. Satisfy the 7 learning outcomes based on program options in table below
  2. Submit a reflection on your understanding of the teaching process. 

Time committment:

  • Will vary depending on how you choose to fulfill the 7 learning objectives
  • Each program is characterized by a level of engagement:
    • Low = 1-5 hours
    • Moderate = 5-15 hours
    • High = 15+ hours

Fulfilling the Associate level badge requirements

1. Programming Options

On-campus programming options to fulfill learning objectives
On-campus program optionsEvidence of learningLearning Objective(s) FulfilledLevel of Engagement
IUPUI TA Orientation Record of attendance 3, 4, 6, 7 Low
Emerging Scholars of College Instruction Program Completion of program 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 High
Teaching@IUPUI: Creating and using rubrics effectively Record of attendance 1, 3, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Teaching metacognitive skills Record of attendance 1, 3 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Best practices for slideshow presentations Record of attendance 1, 3 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Lecturing with learner in mind Record of attendance 1, 2, 3 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Creating a syllabus Record of attendance 1, 3 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Promoting active learning in classroom Record of attendance 1, 3 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Inclusive teaching strategies Record of attendance 1, 6, 7 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Intro to formative assessment Record of attendance 1, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Learning assessment techniques Record of attendance 1, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Situating your teaching in best practices Record of attendance 1, 3, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Intro to course evaluation and assessment Record of attendance 1, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: An Intro to Evidence-based teaching practices Record of attendance 1, 3, 4 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Using measurable learning outcomes to guide course design Record of attendance 1, 2 Low
Teaching@IUPUI: Designing Assignments Record of attendance 1, 2, 4 Low
Teaching for Student Success: An Evidence-based approach Certificate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Moderate
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Community Record of attendance and reflection 1, 5, 6, 7 Moderate
Departmental pedagogy course* Class products To be determined (TBD) TBD
Other CTL programming: see website* Record of attendance To be determined (TBD) TBD
Online programming options to fulfill learning objectives
Online program optionsEvidence of learningLearning objective(s) fulfilledLevel of engagement
CIRTL MOOC: Introduction to Evidence Based TeachingCertificate of completion1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7High
CIRTL MOOC: Advancing Learning through Evidence-Based STEM TeachingCertificate of completion1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7High
CIRTL course: Diversity in the college classroomCertificate of completion1, 3, 5, 6, 7Moderate
CIRTL workshop: Teaching with TechnologyEvidence of participation3, 4, 5Low
CIRTLCast: Understanding diversity and inclusive teaching in the community college settingEvidence of participation6, 7Low
Other CIRTL Course: see website for possible courses*Certificate of completionTo be determined (TBD)TBD
Other CIRTL workshops: see website for possible events*Evidence of participationTo be determined (TBD)TBD
Other CIRTLCasts: see website for possible events*Evidence of participationTo be determined (TBD)TBD

*Please check with CIRTL@IUPUI staff to determine what objectives the program meets.

Activities that indicate TBD, will depend on the CTL or CIRTL activity that you choose: a course or MOOC requiring high engagement, a workshop or a short course requiring moderate engagement, or a webinar or a CIRTLCast requiring low engagement. The learning objectives met by your chosen activity can be determined after discussions with CIRTL leadership.


2. Reflection

After fulfilling the 7 learning objectives, you will write a brief reflection. This reflection will be the start to the development of a teaching philosophy statement.  You should clearly illustrate examples as to how the CIRTL core ideas have begun to influce your teaching philsophy and practices.


Earning the badge
Documentation (evidence of completion of learning objectives and reflection) are submitted through the CIRTL@IUPUI Canvas course. Once documentation is submitted, you will complete the Associate Module Completion quiz and contact the CIRTL@IUPUI team to earn your Associate Badge.