Associate level Program Requirements

The goal of obtaining an Associates level completion certificate is to introduce you to theories of pedagogy that support effective teaching and learning in higher education.  

A CIRTL@IUPUI Associate can: 

  1. Identify relevant literature on teaching and learning research (in general and discipline-specific).
  2. Use backwards design to align well-defined, achievable, measurable, and student-centered learning objectives with evidence-based teaching methods, including learning technologies, and assessment techniques.
  3. Reflect on your beliefs and biases as an instructor and how they influence your teaching and your students' learning.
  4. Create inclusive and equitable learning communities, including online spaces, in-person classes, research labs, and other informal learning spaces. 

Fulfilling the Associate level completion certificate requirements

Step 1

For Step 1, you can choose from and complete a variety of programs, events, and webinars offered by IUPUI and other CIRTL institutions and submit appropriate evidence of completion such as confirmation emails, post-event emails, certificate of completion, etc. 

Step 1 provides you with two options (Option 1 and Option 2):

  1. Option 1: Programs under Option 1 satisfy all four learning outcomes. You need to complete only one of these programs to meet all the learning outcomes.
  2. Option 2: Programs under Option 2 meet one or more learning outcomes. Refer to program description to determine which outcomes they fulfill.
Option 1
Program DescriptionEvidence of Completion
IUPUI CTL's Emerging Scholars of College Instruction Program. Letter of completion from program co-chairs, Jessica Alexander and Kim Murday, and submission of relevant program assignments

Pedagogy courses

If you're enrolled in one of the following courses, refer to the course syllabus for specific instructions to fulfill the Associate level requirements:

  • S724 (Theory, Practice, and Assessment of Social Work Teaching)
  • SHHS H664 (The Professoriate for Health and Rehabilitation Professionals)
  • GRDM - T721/EDUC- T721 (Teaching and Learning in the Biomedical/Life Sciences)
Letter of completion from course instructor and submission of relevant course assignments


Letter of completion from the CIRTL Network
IU's Teaching for Student SuccessIU Expand certificate of completion
Option 2
Program DescriptionAssociate OutcomesEvidence of Completion
Teaching Foundations webinars. -  Grounded in current research, Teaching Foundations webinars (virtual) address various teaching topics and provide participants with strategies and resources to make instruction more effective, efficient, and rewarding.CIRTL Associate learning outcomes satisfied by attending the webinar are specified in the webinar descriptions. Webinar post-event email confirming attendance or email with the link to the webinar recording and resources. These emails will be sent by the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
IUPUI TA Orientation. - The IUPUI TA Orientation, co-sponsored by the CTL and the Graduate Office, provides new graduate student teaching assistants with basic strategies and tools to successfully start and manage their teaching responsibilities inside and outside the classroom. Attendance at the TA Orientation satisfies CIRTL Associate learning outcomes 3 and 4.Post-event email confirming orientation attendance
Grad CHAT -Grad CHAT series is an interactive and informal learning space for graduate students to share their expertise and learn more from peers and experts. Each session in this hybrid series (in-person and on Zoom) will last 60 minutes and is led by an experienced graduate student instructor and will feature an expert.Attending all sessions will satisfy Associate learning outcomes 3 and 4.Post-event email confirming the session attendance
CIRTL cross-network events. -  The CIRTL national network offers year-round events on various teaching and learning topics without the intensive time commitment of a course. Refer to the learning outcomes listed on the event to determine which CIRTL Associate outcomes it fulfills. Post-event email from the CIRTL network confirming attendance
CIRTL cross-network courses. -  The CIRTL national network offers four and eight-week courses for participants to engage deeply with various learning topics. Refer to the learning outcomes listed on the course to determine which CIRTL Associate outcomes it fulfills. Post-event email from the CIRTL network confirming attendance
IU School of Medicine (Graduate Division) Jumpstart to Teaching Series is offered annually as a two-week series for life scientists who are interested in developing core knowledge and skills and receive structured feedback on these skills through a practice teaching opportunity. Attendance to first-week sessions satisfies CIRTL Associate learning outcomes 2 and 4.  Either a letter of completion for all of the first-week sessions or a certificate of completion for Jumpstart to Teaching (includes required and elective sessions). Contact Lauren Easterling (ude[dot]ui[at]ilretsae) for more information.
IU School of Medicine (Graduate Division) University Teaching Learning Community  is for PhD and postdoctoral students in life sciences. The community meets every 3 weeks from Aug-May and involves discussions of STEM research articles, engagement with guest speakers, and seminars/workshops.  Attending at least 10 sessions, presenting an article, and completing a project satisfy CIRTL Associate learning outcomes 1, 3, and 4.  A letter or certificate of completion for the UTLC for one academic year. Contact Lauren Easterling (ude[dot]ui[at]ilretsae) for more information. 
*Please check with CIRTL@IUPUI staff to determine what objectives the program meets. The time commitment for earning this completion certificate will vary depending upon how you choose to fulfill the four learning objectives. We estimate that it will take you about 10 - 15 hours total.  


Step 2

After you submit your evidence of completion, submit the following components in the Canvas course:

  1. A reflection on the activities you've completed and what you've learned from them. 
  2. A product that demonstrates how you applied what you have learned in this module. We encourage you to pick one of the following application options that closely aligns with your professional development and career goals. If you're unsure about which product to choose, you can contact the CIRTL program chairs to discuss which option would work for you. 
    • Lesson plan for a class session that you are currently teaching or plan to teach in the future.
    • Course map which illustrates alignment among course objectives, learning activities, and assessments.
    • Draft of Canvas module for a course that you are currently teaching or plan to teach in the future.
    • If you completed one of the pedagogy courses listed in the Option 1 table, contact the CIRTL leadership team to determine materials to submit.

Step 3

Once you have submitted the required documentation in the Canvas course (reflection and evidence of completion of the learning outcomes), please complete the Associate Module Completion quiz and contact the CIRTL at IUPUI team to earn your Associate completion certificate.