1. CIRTL Courses. Every semester, CIRTL offers a variety of online courses that leverage the expertise and diversity of faculty from across our network. Sign up for a free CIRTL network account to enroll in upcoming CIRTL cross-network courses and events.
  2. Teaching-as-Research Capstone Series. Every year, graduate students and postdocs across the CIRTL Network pursue Teaching-as-Research projects to develop their own research-based approaches to STEM instruction. Click here for more information.
  3. Dear Labby. Contact gro[dot]bcsa[at]ofnibcsa for any questions or concerns you may have about teaching/research in biology labs. Select questions and responses are published in the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Newsletter.
  4. Office Hours with EdComm. Contact gro[dot]bcsa[at]mmoCdEraeD for any questions or concerns you may have about teaching/research in education. Select questions and responses are published on the American Society for Cell Biology ( ASCB) webpage.
  5. Additional Resources.

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  1. Urban Center for the Advancement of STEM Education. A joint effort across several IUPUI Schools, the Urban Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (UCASE) focuses on STEM education research and offers a variety of student scholarships.
  2. SOSGSC Travel Award. The IUPUI School of Science Graduate Student Council (SOSGSC) offers a competitive travel award for graduate students participating in a professional conference related to their specialty.
  3. Engineering & Technology Honors Program Travel Grant. The IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology offers a travel grant to help fund honors program students' study abroad experiences and/or conference participation.
  4. CIRTL Network Exchange Program. This event consists of a two- to three-day visit to one of the 43 institutions in the national CIRTL Network. Learn more about how to participate in the CIRTL Network Exchange program .
  5. Ford Foundation Fellowships for Life Sciences Research. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine awards fellowships to students conducting STEM-related research at the doctoral level.
  6. Case Study Teaching in Science Training. The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science offers several training opportunities, including summer workshops and fall conferences.
  7. Project Kaleidoscope. The Association of American Colleges and Universities' (AACU's) STEM higher education reform center, Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), hosts a variety of STEM-related projects, activities, and events.
  8. POD Network Travel Grant. The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD Network) offers a variety of interdisciplinary opportunities, including awards, conferences, and a career development travel grants.
  9. Additional Resources.
    (A) Reis, R. (2017). Beyond academia - Five conference take-aways. Stanford University: Tomorrow's Professor Postings.
  1. Career Services Council Events. IUPUI  Career Services provides a comprehensive list of IUPUI career-related  events, including career fairs and expos.
  2. Vitae. An online career hub from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vitae provides a variety of career management tools, such as dossier storage and job alerts. 

  3. Additional Resources.
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