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The CIRTL at IUPUI program is open to all IUPUI graduate students and postdocs through a free, self-paced, self-enrolling Canvas course.

Participants are expected to complete the CIRTL requirements through a series of activities. See below to get more details about the requirements.

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"A CIRTL participant would see teaching as a dynamic and ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. They would not take a more static view of 'this is how good teaching is done.' Indeed, there would be little difference in the way the CIRTL participant talks about teaching and learning compared to the way s/he talks about disciplinary research." - CIRTL Network

CIRTL envisons three types of program outcomes based on participants' level of engagement with the three core ideas and the process of employing them towards effective teaching and learning. IUPUI Graduate students and post-docs engaged in CIRTL at IUPUI can earn recognition for their achievement of the above outcomes by enrolling in a self-paced, self-enrolling badging program based in Canvas.

Participants must notify the CIRTL at IUPUI team when they have completed requirements for each outcome-level. To earn a CIRTL at IUPUI Associate, Practitioner, or Scholar badge, participants must complete the program requirements prior to leaving IUPUI, but otherwise have no time constraints for achieving the CIRTL Outcomes.

IUPUI graduate students and postdocs who have already completed some of the local programming-based requriements such as webinars, workshops, or the TA Orientation prior to the launch of CIRTL at IUPUI, can submit exisiting evidence of completion of these activities.

associate badge

CIRTL at IUPUI Associate

A CIRTL at IUPUI Associate values improving his or her students' learning through effective, evidence-based teaching and can recognize and describe the value of the CIRTL core ideas for achieving this goal in diverse learning environments. Associates are equipped with the fundamental knowledge of research-based teaching practices and are ready to apply this knowledge in their teaching contexts.

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practitioner badge

CIRTL at IUPUI Practitioner

A CIRTL at IUPUI Practitioner has gained in-depth understanding of the full-inquiry cycle of Teaching-as-Research by engaging in a TAR project, into which is woven the core ideas of learning communities and learning-through-diversity. Practitioners are familiar with the dynamic process of scholarly teaching and interact with peers and mentors to improve their TAR outcomes.They are ready to contribute knowledge about teaching and learning to the community.

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scholar badge

CIRTL at IUPUI Scholar

A CIRTL at IUPUI Scholar has demonstrated progress from scholarly teaching to the scholarship of teaching and learning by adding to and advancing the community's knowledge of teaching and learning. Scholars have presented and/or published the results of their TAR efforts to local, regional, national, or international peer audiences.

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